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About Us

At McAndrew & Co., our passion lies in the art of scent. We believe in the transformative power of aroma, its ability to evoke memories, and its potential to transport one to places of comfort and warmth. With every handcrafted item we produce, our goal is to deliver sensory joy and indulgence straight to your home.

Our aromatic home goods and services are meticulously designed to whisk you away into a world brimming with warmth, coziness, and sweet nostalgia. We donโ€™t just create products; we craft experiences that resonate with the soul.

As stewards of the earth and advocates for well-being, our commitment extends beyond just the olfactory delight. Quality and sustainability are the pillars of our ethos. We source responsibly, ensuring that each element that goes into our products pays homage to our planet and its resources.

We understand the profound relationship between scent and emotion. Through our creations, we strive to inspire a deeper connection to oneself and the beautiful world around us. Join us on this sensory journey, and letโ€™s get cozy in the sheer magic of fragrance.

XOXO Sarah